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Topics and Conference format

The aim of the PRES conference is to review the latest development and applications of process integration for energy conservation, pollution reduction and related topics. Industrial experience of the application of any available method is also welcome.


  • Process integration for sustainable development
  • Energy saving technology
  • CO2 minimisation and mitigation
  • Combined heat & power, Combined cycles
  • Heat exchangers as equipment and integrated items
  • Integration of renewables, biomass and energy conversion technologies
  • Integrated and multifunctional operations
  • Operational research and supply chain management
  • Pulp & paper
  • Clean technologies - Low emissions technologies
  • Sustainable processing and production
  • Waste minimisation, processing and management
  • Thermal treatment of waste including waste to energy
  • Batch processes
  • Dynamic, flexible and sustainable plant operation
  • Industrial & experimental studies
  • Industrial application & optimal design
  • e-learning, e-teaching and e-knowledge
  • CFD and numerical heat transfer
  • Sustainable biofuel production

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